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to the story of Zimbabwe in poetry


Issue 4 | Rebirth

Zimbabwe always enters a new year with a feeling of physical and
seasonal rebirth. Rebirth can also apply to life situations—a first love after heartbreak, a first job after years of searching, the shooting of a bamboo plant after five years of watering. The list goes on.

For our fourth issue, and the first of 2023, Ipikai invites Zimbabwean poets to submit their poems in English, Shona, and Ndebele, on the theme of rebirth, revival or renewal.


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The Ipikai Poetry Journal is an initiative of the Zimbabwe Poets Society. We are constantly looking for ways to support Zimbabwean poets wherever they are in the world.

Our first project is this journal. The best way you can support the poets who publish their work here is to share this widely. Tell your friends and family. Tell your neighbors and workmates. Zimbabwean poetry is alive.

Riding to Work in the Morning, Harare


The Zimbabwe Poets Society aims to build a strong community of poets and to foster relationships with other poetry initiatives around the world.


We will work to help poets grow; both as artists and as individuals. We will work to see the reach and influence of poetry expand.


One of our core goals is to make poetry more visible. We would like to see poetry in more spaces, on more lips, on more pages, on more airwaves.

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We’d love to have you join us on this journey. If you would like to support Ipikai Poetry Journal or the Zimbabwe Poets Society in any way, do get in touch.